WSI starts a new series: German Supertrucks

4 December 2017

When do trucks belong to a new series, or rather how do we establish one?

When we start a new series, we make sure we select the best trucks for that series, in this case the newly established German Supertrucks series; a series consisting of trucks to come out of Germany. Once we’ve made our picks, we contact the transport companies and discuss the possibilities of their involvement in the series with them.

No less than five weeks ago, we announced the first truck in the German Supertruck series: the Scania S Highline CS20H from Endres. And Last Wednesday, we announced our second model in the series: the Scania S Highline CS20H from Vogel.

What makes a model in this series so special? All models come in a unique packaging, specially designed for the German Supertrucks series, and all models come with a certificate, stating that you’re in the possession of a unique model produced in very limited numbers.

Get your hands on one of these now because before you know it, we’ve run out.

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