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11 September 2020

Scania news from WSI Models


Scania introduced its new 4 series in 1995 as successor to the legendary Scania 3 series. The Scania 4 series was available until 2004, after which it was succeeded by the Scania R series.

The 4 series changed the familiar, rather square Scania front into a new rounded front with curved forms. The grill was also split in two horizontally in the new cab design, enabling the lower part of the grill to fold downwards to create a step or even a bench if you need to wait somewhere.

The introduction caused huge shockwaves among Scania enthusiasts. From the sturdy and robust look to rounded forms. And we’ve not even mentioned the ‘new’ Topline roof.

How different things are in 2020 with the Scania 4 series now being a real enthusiasts’ vehicle and countless 4 series have already been restored or are cherished by transport companies.

After years of demand for series 4 models, the moment has finally arrived; WSI has redeveloped the Scania 4 series into the 1:50 model. Both the low sleeper cab as well as the Topline cab versions are available in all kinds of chassis configurations. 

The first Scania 4 series models were delivered last week to the P.B. Kok shop. We produced a miniature copy of the Scania 144-530 6-axis combi exclusively for them.

We’ll be announcing further 4 series models in the coming weeks. If you’d like to include the first Scania 4 series models in your collection keep an eye on our social media channels and newsletter! There are loads of fantastic additions on the horizon.

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