Ramon Kuyf

3 July 2020

Ramon Kuyf


Ramon Kuyf’s new DAF XF530 tractor unit with a rear steering axle is a sight to behold on the road and, from now on, is also available as a scale model for your display cabinet.


Ramon selected an XF for this design, to create more space, and was drawn to the Space Cab because of its square, ‘old school’ look. The large tanks extending toward the mudguards, rear bumper, diamond plate floor, storage unit, and extra lighting are all the work of Sjaak Kentie Truckspecials, who is also behind the complete metamorphosis of the truck’s interior.

Following in the footsteps of Ramon’s DAF CF, which WSI has already released as a show truck, his new DAF XF is now also available as a scale model. A new front bumper with heavy-duty fog lights and a storage unit with vertical exhausts have been developed for the new model. This model also features the interior with shades of brown.

If you would like to purchase this beautiful model for your collection, then be quick – we only have very limited stock in our store!

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