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21 June 2018

Show truck by Transports Pierrard

This month, we have a beautiful show truck from Belgium: transport company Transports Pierrard’s Scania Streamline Highline.

The show truck’s interior was designed and fitted in the Netherlands by Exclusive Truck Styling in Nieuwegein. Marro SCT in Wingene took on the job of spraying the truck. Pierrard specifically chose the Scania Highline, as this model is a perfect fit for the company's expectations. Naturally, this model is equipped with all the accessories, including a ladder, roof rack, lights, airhorns, and light box. The end result is therefore truly astonishing.

Transports Pierrard is a family business that was founded under the name Pierrard-Calay in 1947. Back then, they only transported potatoes and milk. Over the years, the company has grown into a reliable carrier in national and international transport. Transports Pierrard currently has 11 lorries with various semi-trailers. One truck in the fleet really stands out: this Scania R580 V8 4x2 Highline.

Want to include this show truck in your collection? Then order the model from your WSI dealer or come and visit the WSI shop. The WSI Shop is open between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM every Saturday!​

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