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29 December 2017

Broshuis 2 CONnect

Following the success of previous Broshuis models, WSI and Broshuis co-developed a new trailer, the Broshuis 2 CONnect.

The Spielwarenmesse 2017 in Nuremberg also showcased the first hand model in various designs of the linkable container chassis: Just as with real semi-trailers, WSI has all the various models available:

1 + 3 axle

2 + 2 axle

2 + 3 axle

Now we can proudly display a wonderful end result. The main benefit of this container chassis is that both sections of the trailer can be coupled behind a truck, meaning the containers can be individually transported and unloaded without having to be removed from the trailer. This technology is replicated in the model.

The observant collector will already have discovered the first models with the Broshuis 2 CONnect trailer in our weekly newsletter: the combinations of Adwin Stam and Ron Poppelaars. The popularity of the models became clear when both items were sold in no-time at all. The Oehlrich (1 + 3 axle) and H. de Klerk (2 + 3 axle) can still be reserved.

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