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9 April 2019

Liebherr R 9150 B

The R 9150 B is built to outperform all competitors in the 100t class mining market. As a perfect loader for 50t up to 135t dump trucks and offering a wide array of uses, the advanced R 9150 B is the worthy successor of the esteemed Liebherr R 984 C. As the most powerful excavator in the 100t class quarry and mining market, this machine reaches the highest excavating forces and an optimal cycle time.

Liebherr LTM 1090-4.2

The mobile crane LTM 1090-4.2 combines mobility, performance and economy at the highest level. It is worldwide economically mobile, because it can be driven with 10 tons, 12 tons and 16 tons axle load. With its ECOdrive and ECOmode the LTM 1090-4.2 is operated extremely environmental friendly, low on consumption and with low noise. The Liebherr innovations VarioBallast and VarioBase® cater for more performance, flexibility and safety.

Liebherr MK 140

The MK 140 mobile construction crane is a compact five-axle model whose capacity in its crane class has previously been the exclusive domain of cranes with a higher axle class. The MK 140 has a transport dimension of just 16.0 metres with a 60 metres jib carried on board.

Liebherr LTM 1750-9.1

The key feature of the 9-axle LTM 1750-9.1 is that it can carry its entire telescopic boom on public roads. Its high load capacities and variable boom Systems enable it to cover a wide range of uses. In terms of its construction, this Liebherr mobile crane is designed for particularly short set-up times.

Tadano ATF 60G-4

The ATF 60G-4 achieves the feat of being a generalist and specialist device in one. Through consistently thinking innovative and willingness to question existing concepts emerged a crane which not only effortlessly masters the classic range of applications for a modern 60t crane, but even expands further on them, with applications requiring a 10 tons axle load. At the same time, it is better suited than other 60t cranes for special applications in halls or other environments with low ceiling heights because of its short 9.5 meter base boom and its strong telescoping loads. All in all, it offers a wide range of applications and higher utilization compared with other 60t cranes.


Finally we can announce our first harbour crane, for the Finnish company Mantsinen. This 300R crane is made to make heavy jobs a piece of a cake. The 300R is designed to meet the requirements of moving bulk cargo on ships, but it can also handle heavy general cargo and containers. Despite its massive size, the crane is just as agile and precise as smaller material handlers.

In cooperation with the engineers from Mantsinen we developed this harbour crane in scale 1:87.

Spierings City Boy

As a sequel to the SK599-AT5 Spierings went hybrid with this SK487-AT3 City Boy. This small crane is everything but compact in its innovative technologies. Its driving cab can also be used as operating cab which makes the crane easy to use in narrow places like city streets.

Very close cooperation with Spierings engineers resulted in a 1:50 City Boy model, in which all details can be found which can be expected from WSI. This is the first crane made with a stunning innovative rigging up system. Of course this system has been converted to this model.

Volvo R100E

Some of you already had a sneak peak at it at our Nuremberg Toyfair stand, but now it is time to have one yourself. After 10 months of development we can proudly present the new Volvo R100E Rigid Hauler.

Its 1:50 scale lets you think it is small but do not get fooled as it can move up to 95 tons of rock material. This rigid hauler again has been developed in close cooperation with Volvo Equipment Construction and is the largest hauler manufactured by Volvo at the moment. As can be expected from WSI this model contains all the details and functions you can think of.

Nooteboom MCO-PX6

The Nooteboom MCO semi-deep loader has excellent manoeuvrability thanks to its hydraulic steering system, which also reduces tyre wear. Additionally, the MCO is part of a wide range of semi-deep loaders. The MCO can be ordered with endless customizable options, including a fixed, single-extendable, double-extendable, or even triple-extendable floor that can expand to up to a length of 45 metres.

Nooteboom Mega Trailer

Nooteboom's extendable Mega Trailer is built with ultimate multi-functionality in mind, ensuring that transporting companies can achieve maximum capacity utilization. The Mega Trailer’s loading surface has been constructed to be as strong as a semi-deep loader, making the Mega Trailer one of a kind. This means that the Mega Trailer can be used as both a semi-deep loader for transporting heavy, autonomous machines and as a low, flat, extendable trailer.

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